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Dane Christensen


Hologram Design

Dane is an immersive media filmmaker who specializes in storytelling with emerging mediums to explore space, identity and perspective. He teaches XR workshops, produces 360 films and intermedia installations around the world. Dane has an MFA in Documentary Film from Stanford University.

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Carol Dalrymple


Creative Technologist

Carol is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker and Oculus Launchpad Fellow who explores connecting people through the convergence of storytelling, evolving technology, and the physical world. A longtime PBS documentary craftsman, she also creates XR installations, workshops and 360 films.

Barna Szasz - Headshot by Zsofia Heisler

Barna Szász

Producer, Interaction & Narrative Design

Barna is a Hungarian documentary filmmaker who has specialized in creating XR experiences. His work has been featured by The Guardian, Staff Pick at Vimeo, show at DOC NYC, DOK Leipzig and other festivals. He has an MFA in Documentary Film from Stanford University where he has also lectured on XR.


Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir


Seer, Artist, Author

Ragnhildur "Ragga" Jónsdóttir, a seer, artist and elf friend, has been in contact with elves and hidden people since childhood. In recent years, she has focused on advocating for the elves and working for reconciliation and dialogue between humans and elves.




Huldufólk-Elf, Author

Fróði is a 900 year-old elf, and has been a friend of "Ragga"Jónsdóttir since childhood. A book he wrote with Ragga "What does it take to see an elf?" has been a great inspiration to the artists. He is excited to see Kvöldvaka being made, and considers Augmented Reality to be human magic trying to do what elf magic has always done. Which he finds quite funny. 

Terry Gunnell 200x200.jpeg

Terry Gunnell
Professor of Folkloristics,
University of Iceland

Terry Gunnell is a  is Professor of Folkloristics at the University of Iceland. He is author of many leading books and a wide range of articles on Old Norse religion, Nordic folk belief and legend, folk drama and performance, and is behind the creation several surveys and databases on Folk Belief and culture, including the on-line Sagnagrunnur database of Icelandic folk legends.


Álfagarðurinn ehf
Producer, Partner

Álfagarðurinn ehf is an Icelandic organization whose mission is to spread the awareness of the interconnectedness between the natural world, humans and other Nature beings in a variety of ways which includes workshops, lectures, walks, writing books, making art and more.

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee BW1.png

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
Executive Producer 
Emergence Magazine

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee has directed numerous award-winning films and is the founder and executive editor of media and distribution initiative Emergence Magazine, a Webby winning and National Magazine Award nominated publication that has produced Emmy and Peabody nominated films and media. It’s VR experience Sanctuaries of Silence received numerous awards, was co-distributed by NYT Op-Docs and Within and exhibited at festivals including NYFF, SXSW, Sheffield Doc Fest, Hot Docs and museums and venues worldwide.

Sohrob Nabatian BW.jpg

Sohrob Nabatian
Executive Producer  Kalliopeia Foundation

Reconnecting Ecology, Culture, and Spirituality, Kalliopeia Foundation is responding to a global need that is emerging across cultures: to take  responsibility for our common home.  We partner with individuals and organizations who create and hold a space where pressing, contemporary issues can be engaged through this holistic lens. In doing so, we envision a future that is built upon compassion, respect, dignity, reverence for nature, and care for each other and the Earth. Kalliopeia has supported several mixed reality projects, including Sanctuaries of Silence (NYFF, SXSW) and Breathe (Sundance).

Kvöldvaka has been developed at CPH:LAB of CPH:DOX–
Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival 2020-2021


Mark Atkin

Curator of the CPH:DOX Interactive Exhibition and Head of Studies of CPH:LAB

Sarah Ellis

Royal Shakespeare Company: Director Of Digital Development

Vassiliki Khonsari

iNK Stories: Co-founder

Dr. Sandra Gaudenzi

Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB, University of Westminster

Annette Mees

Royal Opera House: Head of Audience Lab

Georg Tschurtschenthaler

Interactive Films, Gebrueder Beetz Film Production: Producer

Peter Fisher

Khora VR: Co-founder


Ombeline de la Gournerie

Katrine Kiilgaard


MIT Open Documentary Lab

William Uricchio


Sarah Wolozin

Kat Cizek

Claudia Romano


Jim Garland, Microsoft

Arnar Sigurdsson